Friday, 23rd of June

  • 2pm-10pm Race kits pick up in the Rex Hotel parking
  • 4.30pm – Pasta Party
  • 4pm-22.30pm Deposit of the bike in the transition area

Attention! Deposit of the bike in the transition area is done ONLY on Friday till 10.30pm.

  • Race brief – 9pm in parking lot of Hotel Rex in Mamaia

Upon race kit pick-up you must have the affidavit filled in and signed in order to make the process more efficient. You can download it from HERE.

You may pick-up the race kit for another person with the CONDITION to have the affidavit signed in original and a copy of his identity card.

Saturday, 24th of June

  • 7am – Opening of the transition area and checking the competition equipment (once again: deposit of the bike is done only on Friday, NOT in the day of the race)
  • 8am – Start for HERO
  • 8.10am –  Start for BRAVE
  • 10.30am – First participant at the finish line
  • 12.40pm – Last participant at BRAVE (time limit: 4h, 30min)
  • 2pm – Opening of the transition area for lifting equipment. Equipment can be picked up no later than 5.30pm.
  • 4.30pm – Last participant at HERO (time limit: 8h, 30min)
  • 5pm – Award ceremony
  • 8.30pm – HERO Party (Le Premier Constanta Restaurant) – only for HERO’s


We reviewed the time limits and took the decision to keep only one time limit for bike. Thus, the time limits will be:

  • 3h, 50 min for BRAVE
  • 5h, 30 min for HERO