FAQ Ocean Lava Mamaia

On this page you will find the answers to some important questions about the competition of June 24th. The page will be updated constantly, so that all essential information is available to you before the big race.

1. Time limits for BRAVE and HERO

We have reconsidered the time limits and decided to keep only one, namely for the completion of the bike leg, so that the time limits will be:

  • 3h, 50 min for BRAVE
  • 5h, 30 min for  HERO

More exactly, that means an average of approximately 3min, 40sec/100m for the swim leg and 20km/h for the bike leg.

2. Bike and run route

The bike route loop is 20km long and will be covered 4.5 times for HERO (90km) and 3 times for BRAVE (60km).

The run route loop will be 2.6km long and will be covered 8 times for HERO (21km) and 3 times for BRAVE (7.8km).

3. The reasons why bikes can ONLY be placed in the transition area on Friday, June 23rd

  • because start time will be very early, which means there would not be enough time to check and place 300 bikes in the transition area on the morning of the race;
  • moreover, we wish to avoid the commotion and crowding this would generate;
  • it is common practice for Ironman and Challenge competitions;
  • it is recommended by Ocean Lava Planet;
  • the morning of the race can be used to bring in the running gear and check existing equipment (bike, nutrition etc.);
  • the transition area will be enclosed by a 2 metre fence, and security will be ensured by a security company, as well as the organisers’ staff;
  • in the eventuality of bad weather, the bikes will be covered up;
  • bikes can be brought in on Friday by another person as well, provided they can produce the competition number.

4. Transition area

The distance between the point of exiting the water during the swim leg and the transition area is 300m. The transition area will be set up in the City Hall parking, in front of Rex Hotel (on the side facing the sea).

You can check the exact location of the transition area here:

5. Traffic details 

The bike leg will take place on two car traffic lanes and the route will be secured throughout on both sides by a fence/tape. Thus, traffic will be forbidden on the two lanes.

6. Neoprene suit info

The decision as to using neoprene suits will be made according to the ITU competition rules: if the water temperature is of 22-24 degrees, then using neoprene suits will be forbidden; if it is of 16 degrees or less, using neoprene suits will be mandatory. We will announce the forecast water temperature 3-4 days before the competition, but the final decision will be made 1 hour before start time.

7. HERO Party

It is a party dedicated to the participants in the HERO race, whom we wish to celebrate and whose efforts we wish to acknowledge. Admission will be free for competitors, while their company will be able to attend for a fee.