What is Ocean Lava Planet?
Ocean Lava Planet is more than a planet triathlon race series, it is where dreams are changed into reality!

Ocean Lava Planet Series offers a new possibility to be part of a high-quality series of events under the umbrella of an independent brand.

We follow the spirit of triathlon: Friendship, No drafting, Fairness, Excellence, Integrity, Inspiration, Safety, Fun, Family Friendly, Excitement

Ocean Lava Planet is first class endurance events organized by independent event organizers in different countries. We are aiming for Athletes to have the possibility to be part of something bigger with the yearly final in Lanzarote.

All qualifying races will keep their own culture identity and must guarantee & approve Ocean Lava License high standards.


As athletes, we all know the special feeling after achieving something unique. From the very start of our training to the suffering and good moments during the race until crossing the finish line.

We wish this to be part of your life as it is part of ours – we want the Ocean Lava Planet Series to be a triathlon classic, with an open mind and inspiration from the world around us. Together we will discover the timeless feeling of making the dream possible.

Ocean Lava Planet is a new international triathlon brand that started in Lanzerote in  2014 with the Ocean Lava Arrecife – Lanzerote triathlon and now it became a global hit, having 14 countries under license and on its way to reaching 20 y the end of 2017


On June 24th, Mamaia resort and Romanian triathlons will once again make their mark on the world map of triathlons

Ocean Lava Romania, Mamaia, is more than an endurance sports competition, it is the place where dreams come true. It is a competition for brave, well trained athletes, as well as for those seeking to surpass their own limits. Enthusiasm, friendship, fun and competitiveness will come together in an absolutely remarkable race.

The Mamaia event will meet the highest standards of organisation and feature a route which stands out through its spectacularity, while also being very fast in the bike and run legs.

Ocean Lava Mamaia is also part of the half distance circuit of the Romanian Triathlon Federation – FRTRI Half distance Triathlon Series Events, along with another three competitions, the Mamaia event being the second stage in the series.